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version 2012-08-04

Worship Team Tools (the service) has been developed for personal use for and by 
me - Marek Malevič. If you are going to use it, please keep in mind that:

1. You may not be allowed to use it. The registration is considered by
   the owner and there is no RIGHT for anyone to use it.
2. There is no guarantee for anything in the service. It may stop working
   without an announcement.
3. Your account or even team may be deleted without any announcement.
4. Every information you put in the service must be legal and you are
   responsible for its legality.
5. Every user/team behavior will be examined according to the highest standard
   - the Bible. Keep in mind that it usually asks for more that the legal system
   of your country. Please read it first as it is more important than these
   terms of use :-)
6. What you put in the service is stored in the system and you have no right to
   ask for removal of any of your records. Please make sure what you put in the
   system is something you would not ask to be removed later.
7. Every information you put in the system may be visible to other service
   users. The only exceptions are user passwords stored in encrypted form.

The text of these terms of use may be updated without announcement.
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